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Her kan du bla gjennom eller laste ned brosjyre deg.​

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Israels skjulte perler

Trilogien av Israels skjulte perler (på engelsk) er nå klar. 
Her vil du finne spennende skatter fra hele Israel.


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​The winery was established in 2004 and it produces approximately 10,000 bottles annual...
Bet Gabriel A cultural institution located on the shores of the Sea of Galilee, with ...
The winery is in a kibbutz on the northern border, with a production capacity of around...
Science museum "without walls" including interactive installations that demon...
The nature and bird watching park Agamon Ha-hula is in the centre of the Hula Valley wh...
The Or Torah (Tunisian) Synagogue’s claim to fame is that it is literally covered in mo...


​Hotel Bat Yam is located on the cost line of Bat-Yam.
Small, two-star hotel offers 16 double-occupancy rooms, three single rooms and two fami...
The Prima Music is an exceptionally designed, concept hotel situated under picturesque ...





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