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til og fra steder i Galilea

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Fra Nazareth til…


Haifa – 37 km

Jerusalem – 131 km

Tel Aviv – 102 km

Ben Gurion Int. Airport – 109 km

Eilat – 444 km

Massada – 230 km



Fra Safed til…


Haifa – 74m
Jerusalem – 194 km

Tel Aviv – 162

Ben Gurion Int. Airport – 157 km

Eilat – 439 km

Massada – 225 km




Fra Tiberias til…


Haifa – 57 km

Jerusalem – 176 km

Tel Aviv – 131 km

Ben Gurion Int. Airport – 137 km

Eilat – 473 km

Massada – 242 km

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 Sites & Attractions

Large, well-lit cave in the wall of the Old City, which was a quarry in the days of the...
Archaeological museum at Haifa University, featuring permanent exhibits on the life of ...
A magnificent burial monument from the 1st century BCE, attributed to Avshalom (Absalom...
Memorial established on the Jordanian military post, with a permanent exhibition on the...
Museum presenting the annals of the Ha’apala (clandestine immigration) operations desig...
The House of Representatives of the State of Israel, comprising a plenary, conference r...


This small hotel offers a relaxed atmosphere in which guests can enjoy a spa, health fa...
Old family hotel offering simple rooms, small lobby with TV, bar, dining room and meeti...
Accommodations in the recreation village are also suitable for families with children. ...
Hotel rooms overlook the mountains of Judea and are suitable for small families. Some r...





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