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til og fra steder i Galilea

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Fra Nazareth til…


Haifa – 37 km

Jerusalem – 131 km

Tel Aviv – 102 km

Ben Gurion Int. Airport – 109 km

Eilat – 444 km

Massada – 230 km



Fra Safed til…


Haifa – 74m
Jerusalem – 194 km

Tel Aviv – 162

Ben Gurion Int. Airport – 157 km

Eilat – 439 km

Massada – 225 km




Fra Tiberias til…


Haifa – 57 km

Jerusalem – 176 km

Tel Aviv – 131 km

Ben Gurion Int. Airport – 137 km

Eilat – 473 km

Massada – 242 km

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 Sites & Attractions

The purpose of this site is to preserve the Palmakh's heritage and to pass it on. There...
Prehistoric Museum of the Khula Valley, displaying prehistoric utensils and remains of ...
Residence of the President of Israel. Guided tours are held, with explanations on the i...
An academic branch of Brigham Young University for Middle Eastern Studies, built at the...
Five sandstone pillars at the foot of the western cliff of the Amram crater, at the sou...
The national cemetery of the State of Israel called after the State's seer whose bones ...


Hotel with rooms of various standards with a sea view. There is a saltwater pool, a spa...
Guest units surrounded by a grassy area, with balconies facing the Jerusalem hills and ...
Rooms of various standards, eight of which have a private balcony facing the sea and th...
Small hotel on the beach in Tel Aviv, near the Marina. The hotel has a fitness center a...





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