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til og fra steder i Galilea

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Fra Nazareth til…


Haifa – 37 km

Jerusalem – 131 km

Tel Aviv – 102 km

Ben Gurion Int. Airport – 109 km

Eilat – 444 km

Massada – 230 km



Fra Safed til…


Haifa – 74m
Jerusalem – 194 km

Tel Aviv – 162

Ben Gurion Int. Airport – 157 km

Eilat – 439 km

Massada – 225 km




Fra Tiberias til…


Haifa – 57 km

Jerusalem – 176 km

Tel Aviv – 131 km

Ben Gurion Int. Airport – 137 km

Eilat – 473 km

Massada – 242 km

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 Sites & Attractions

Catholic church of the Benedictine Fathers, built between the years 1900-1910. Accordin...
Museum describing the history of the Hagana organization. The museum houses a collectio...
House of Israel's first prime minister, David Ben-Gurion, in a street named after him. ...
A hall from the crusader period built on top of King David's Tomb on Mount Zion. Accord...
Square containing an exhibit of the history of Damascus Gate (Sha'ar Skhem,) an importa...
The museum is located near Kdumim Square and displays the history of Jaffa since the Ca...


Hotel offering double rooms, family rooms, and Caribbean-style suites. The Pirates' Bay...
Hotel offers guest suites of various sizes, suitable also for the Jewish religious publ...
Hotel on the northern beach close to the water and the shopping center offering rooms o...
Small hotel with small, renovated rooms. Each room has broadband Internet connections. ...





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