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til og fra Haifa

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 Fra Haifa til…

Nazareth – 37 km

Tiberias – 57 km

Jerusalem – 131 km

Tel Aviv – 95 km

Ben Gurion Int. Airport – 115 km

Massada – 213 km

Eilat – 427 km



 Sites & Attractions

The winery was established in 2006 and it produces 60,000 bottles annually, only 20,000...
Museum presenting the annals of the Ha’apala (clandestine immigration) operations desig...
Museum housed in the original Technion building in Haifa featuring over 400 hands-on ex...
Museum presenting the history of shipping in the Mediterranean basin, Red Sea and Nile ...
The winery was established in 2001 and it produces approximately 6000 bottles


A beautiful suites complex planted in the heart of a peace
​Luxury compound containing two luxury suites with all the amenities. Large pool area h...





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